Rubber Joint China Manufacturer Flanged Carbon Steel Rubber Joint

♦ rubber joint is also called expansion joints or rubber expansion joint. It is a pipe joint of high-flexibility, high-gas tightness, resistance to medium and climate. rubber expansion joints are flexible connectors made from natural or synthetic elastomers in which special fabrics are embedded  to provide physical reinforcement. rubber expansion joints provide a proven and flexible solution to accommodate many types of movements and requirements of industrial plant and equipment.

♦These include:

Accommodating for pressure loads.

Neutral axial, lateral and angular stress.

Reducing noise.

Isolating sources of vibration.

Compensating for misalignment at plant start up.

Prolonging the life of motive equipment.

They are used in all systems transporting fluids, slurries or gases under pressure, at ambient pressure or under vacuum over a wide range of temperatures.

♦Application areas are:

Air conditioning, heating and ventilating systems in industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels and on board ships.

Central and ancillary power generating stations in industrial buildings, factories, ships and off-shore.

Sewage disposal and water treatment plant, pumps, etc.

Process piping in pulp and paper manufacture.

 ♦ Advantage :

Small volume, light weight, good flexibility, easy installation and maintenance

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